Lots going on lately, but one of the more interesting things I’ve begun doing is migrating my emails, bookmarks, and notes to Evernote. I have been looking at Evernote for quite some time. When Mark McKinnon mentioned his public sharing of the ForensicArtifacts.com articles, I became excited. When Eric Huber mentioned he was toying it, I didn’t want to be the last one in so I dove. So far it has been quite easy to use and I actually made real use of it after only one day of entering information. Once I get things more orderly, I intend to share the notebooks.

In terms of more long term usage, I plan on accumulating information about different topics … say Jump Lists in Windows 7. While I am familiar with them, I don’t actively use them in investigations. However, by using Evernote as a repository of information, I also have a giant todo list of things to learn. In tackling a topic at a time, I hope to flesh out raw links into something functional to share.

If anyone is using Evernote and has forensic-oriented, shared notebooks or has ideas on categorizing information — perhaps broadly across “everyone’s” shared notebooks as a standard — I would be interested.