2016-04-12 Update: Removed link to script. This will be added to a repo.

I like to grab information from a terminal instead of opening a browser and waiting on “long” load times. Scrapping data into a terminal allows for additional, automated processing to occur on the results which can lead to interesting creations beyond the original author’s idea. During a break from playing Underworld Dreams, I found myself checking different status pages to keep up with activity. Instead of relying on auto-opening a browser tab, I decided to whip up a little Perl script (right-click and save) and take the time to learn the basics of LWP. It should work in both Windows and Linux, but I am sure it can be improved upon. If you wish to use it in Windows, be sure to use ActiveState’s ActivePerl.

Below is the help syntax:

Usage: udgrep [options]
  -w     -- Extract the current WHO list
  -n     -- Extract the recent news
  -c     -- List all active clans
  -h     -- Retrieve help information
  -l     -- Retrieve an active poll list
  -s     -- Retrieve stats page
  -d     -- Retrieve dev pages
  -p     -- Lookup a specific player


Here is a little Perl script for accessing Underworld Dreams’ statistics, udgrep.pl.